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Though, there golden fishka casino may a reason beyond the notion of limited government fueling the velkam20 casino state’s refusal to give casinos a tax break. Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley alluded to the idea of Senate Bill 37 reviving a market in desperate need of renewed hope. One alleged perk that was apparently ignored was the notion of reduced taxes leading to more jobs. Supporters of the proposed legislation claimed that as many as 4,000 jobs could have been added to the Kansas workforce. Such is the reason why it favors conservative candidates in most of its elections and advocates for the welfare-to-work programs for the impoverished. “It will revive an industry that really needs our help,” he said prior to the measure’s rejection. Racetrack operators who took advantage of this perk would have been able to also use the reduced tax rate velkam20 casino to receive payment pokerstars casino from debtors, in legal terms.

Senator Steve Fitzgerald may have agreed with Hensley concerning job growth but still voted “no” on the bill. “Can we force these facilities to open,” he asked. But not that kind of government. We ought to get out of the way and let the free market work,” Fitzgerald concluded, “We’re a government. Kansas has not been a region open to the notion of big government. “We need to give the racetracks a second chance,” he added. All of the negativity surrounding Senate Bill 37 seemed to overshadow the positive aspects of the proposed legislation.

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